Admission Rules

Admission to the school is opened to all irrespective of caste,creed, religion or class from nursery to +2 classes.

Registration is done to get admission in different classes in the month of January & February.

Documents Required

  • School leaving certificate/transfer certificate by the head of Institution last attended.
  • Date of Birth Certificate issued by the register of Birth & Death.
  • Report Card& DMC of previous class
  • Aadhaar Card

Age Limit:

 The registration for admission to various classes is entertained per the following age groups:

Class                     Age Group                 Class                           Age Group

Nursery                3 years plus               VI Standard                11 to 12 years

L.K.G                     4 years plus               VII Standard               12 to 13 years

U.K.G                     5 years plus              VIII Standard              13 to 14 years

I  Standard           6 years plus                IX Standard                14 to 15years

II Standard           7 years plus                X Standard                 15 to 16years

III Standard          8 to 9 years                +1 Standard               16 to 17years

IV Standard          9 to 10 years              +2 Standard               17 to 18years

V Standard           10 to 11 years

Rules & Procedure for Withdrawal

  • Application for the school leaving certificate should be made in writing one month earlier by parents.
  • School authority expels the students on following grounds.
  • Irregularity in Attendance.
  • Constant weakness in studies
  • Gross indiscipline
  • Non payments of fees