Fee Structure 2021-22

 FeeCharges Fee(per month)Total   
 (in rupees)(in rupees)(in rupees)(in rupees)(in rupees)   
2nd To 3rd12006800800012809280   
4th to 5th12006800800013209320   
6th to 8th160073008900140010300   
9th to 10th2150800010150170011850   
11th to 12th(sci)3200860011800226014060   
11th to 12th(comm)3200860011800206013860   
ClassAnnualTuition Grand 25%50%   
2nd To 3rd680012808080960640   
4th to 5th680013208120990660   
6th to 8th7300140087001050700   
9th to 10th8000170097001275850   
11th to 12th(sci)860022601086016951130   
11th to 12th(comm)860020601066015451030   
                   S.A.S J PRE SCHOOL,SARHALI
ClassAdm feeAnnualTuitionTotal25%50%  
Note:- 1. 25% concession in tuition and transport fee for the second brother/sister. 
2. 50% concession in tuition and transport fee for the third brother/sister. 
3. Admission fee charged only  once at the time of admission.   
4. Scholarship (25% tuition fee) to the students who score more than 95% marks in class 10th. 
5. 50% concession in admission fee upto 28th February for the students of Nursery, LKG & UKG. 
6. One month's Tuition fees &Bus fees exempted for those depositing one year's full charges.